Tadoba Diaries: Tales from the Wild

Immerse Yourself in the Natural Beauty of Tadoba

Welcome to Tadoba Diaries: Tales from the Wild. Join 98 Stripes on a journey through the wilderness of Tadoba, as we explore the tales from the wild and immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of this region. Tadoba National Park is a treasure trove of natural wonders, and our team of wildlife enthusiasts and photographers have had the privilege to explore this stunning region extensively. Through Tadoba Diaries, we share our experiences and tales from the wild, bringing you closer to the natural beauty of Tadoba. From the majestic tigers to the elusive leopards, Tadoba's wildlife is a treat to the eyes. Our team has captured the essence of Tadoba's wilderness through their lenses, bringing you a visual treat that will leave you in awe. In this article, we invite you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Tadoba through our Tadoba Diaries, and discover the tales from the wild. Get ready to explore the wilderness of Tadoba with 98 Stripes!

The best time to visit Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve for tiger safari is during the months of April to June. This is the summer season in the region, and the water sources within the reserve dry up, causing the animals to gather around the remaining waterholes. This increases the chances of spotting tigers and other wildlife.

Another good time to visit Tadoba for tiger safari is during the months of October to February, which marks the winter season in the region. The weather is pleasant during this time, and the grasses are shorter, making it easier to spot tigers and other wildlife. However, the chances of sighting tigers during this time are lower compared to the summer season.

It's worth noting that the core area of Tadoba is closed to visitors from July 1st to September 30th every year due to the monsoon season. However, the buffer zones remain open throughout the year, and visitors can go on safaris in these areas. While the core area is known to have higher tiger sightings, the buffer zones of Tadoba are also good for tiger sightings, as the tigers and other wildlife often move across the buffer and core areas.

I am Manoj Gupta, and I have been in the corporate life of large MNCs for donkey’s years, when accidentally I had visited Tadoba, and the bug of Jungle life bit me. I found true solace here, something I couldn’t find even on my trips for aureole borealis, the tough Himalayan car rallies, or the different adventure treks I had taken. I resigned from my corporate life, and spend months at Tadoba, often with the locals in makeshift huts, after which I decided that I not only should I make my home here, but also provide an opportunity for others who wants to witness the beauty of Tadoba and TATR in her true glory. I am the owner of the tiger resort 98 Stripes, and I cordially invite you to spend a few memorable days of your life here, at the eco-friendly, sustainable tourism resort, which is very much in the Jungle itself. Below are some of my experiences that I have documented, and which should give you some feel on the jungles of Tadoba, its tiger safari, and the variety of flora and fauna it has to offer, along with the tiger.

They will give you glimpses of the Tadoba jungle safari from a new perspective, and first hand, which you will not find elsewhere.

These would be fluid pieces of writing, on jungle of tadoba, jungle safaris at Tadoba, how to navigate the TATR, and will also touch upon areas like how to decide on the best tiger reserve travel and information on their booking, what to look for (information) in Tiger reserve travel, how proximity to the entry gates to the tadoba forests are important, and what should be your expectation in a tiger safari at tadoba.

Please note that though all safaris at Tadoba are called Tiger Safaris, owing to the vast variety of flora and fauna here, you should be able to spot other wildlife as well, like leopards, deer, different types of birds, reptiles, etc.

Overall, the best times to visit Tadoba for tiger safari are from April to June and from October to February, with the summer season offering the highest chances of spotting tigers and other wildlife.

So, scroll down, and read them, and if you like them, do share as well. I will be waiting for you at the 98 Stripes, when you are ready. Cheers!