Celebrating Festivals with the Locals of Tadoba Village

Festivals and Celebrations in Tadoba Village

Welcome to Tadoba Village, where you can experience the rich cultural heritage of the local communities through their vibrant festivals and traditions. Join 98 Stripes on a cultural journey through this beautiful village as we discover the local customs and celebrations that have been passed down from generation to generation. In this article, we will introduce you to the festivals and celebrations in Tadoba Village, from the colorful Holi festival to the traditional dances of the Gond community. We will also share our experiences of celebrating these festivals with the locals and how you can experience them too with 98 Stripes. Get ready to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions of Tadoba Village with 98 Stripes!


Villages and the traiditon of India can always keep any one and every one on their toes. As I have moved to the forest area of Nagpour, I had the privilege to see the way people live the tradition that they follow, their food habits, their religion, function and perspective to life.

Recently, that is yesterday 3rd of Feb 2023, had the privilege to experience their most lavish and religious ceremony, called Ghoda Yatra, who completed 248 years at Chimur. WOW!!!

Lord Balaji at local festival

Its the season where the start of the Vasant Panchami with the Balalji Yatra, which is a 6 day event, complete electrifying and full of energy zeal and religion.

The festival is of Lord Venkateshwara aka Balaji, who was considered as the saviour of mankind in the troubled period of Kalyug.Venkateshwara as per scientist is not a name but a title, actual Ven-Kata means one who washes sin. Lord Balaji is known by several name Venkateshwar, Govinda, Srinivasa, etc. where is the lord is supposed to wash the sins and bless with health wealth and prosperity

Vidharbha, a dist in Maharastra, has 3.5 shaktipeeths of Lord Balaji, at Deulgaon Raja, Mehekar, Washim and Chimur, the one at Deulgaon is supposed to be 1000Yrs old, while the one which hI witnessed at Chimur is 394 years old built during the Bhonsale period.Surperisingly the idol at Chimur is strikingly similar to Trupati Balaji Temple.

GHODAYATRA - is the of prime importance at Chimur Balaji held on the Magh Shuddha Trayodashi, where in the idol is paraded through the town and with the same colourful procession which is attended by devotees in large numbers.

This is a 15 days fair and the idol on a wooden horse chariot is taken around the village and put back in the temple, which is what I witnessed yesterday. Boy what a fan fair how much enthusiasm and dynamic environment it was. There were different teams of women from the villages dancing and singing bhakti songs in the name of the Lord, and moved for around 6 hrs post midnight.

Of course as the attraction for God has dipped a bit, in this pomp and show rituals the whole of the village was full of activity,. There was music boys and girls dancing, the fair had everything put up for attraction and of course business. The giant wheel, the maut ka kua, eateries like how, Chorine, Momo, Bhel, Pani puri, pooh, tea and name it was there and people were thronging at it.

The walk would be around 2 kms up and down, but the time taken was well beyond 6 hrs. I could very clearly see the different purpose of people being there, some purely religious, some devotion, some Party Time, some for being a part of the village function and being proud of it, some for the rides and food and purchase of stuff from around the neighbouring villages. Family, boys girls kids all were in complete enjoyment and when I spoke to some of them they seemed so so proud of the function of THEIR VILLAGE.

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