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Tadoba DiariesRead for First Hand Jungle Safari and Tiger Safari Experience at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Best Tiger Resort in Tadoba
98Stripes Jungle Safari

98Stripes has luxurious private villas in Tadoba, which is one of the best places for tiger and other wildlife sightings in India. Situated in the vicinity of one the 7 main entry gates of the core area, 98Stripes provides you with the best of Indian wildlife Safari experience with stay in the luxurious comfort of our hospitality and your own lawn space. Enrich your experience with the best jungle tour, along with a dash of exposure to local culture, and an exquisite array of gastronomical delights, with wifi following you always.

We ensure your return with a unique, true Indian wildlife experience, that you will cherish for the rest of your life, and we are sure that you will want to come back for more.

Welcome top 98Stripes

Inaugural offer - Exclusive Villas for INR 25,000 per Night! Inaugural Pricing

Rooms & Suites

Our Villa is at your disposal, with well done interiors, richly furnished to give you the warmth of your home away from home. Each villa has a separate living room, bed room and powder room, along with a spacious wash area and a personal lawn. The personal lawn would add privacy and you could enjoy reading at the Gazebo or have barbecue along with good wine in your own space along with some good music. The different season would add a different texture to your stay, like, in rain, the gazebo could provide you solace in your loved ones company with a hot cup of tea / coffee / soup.

One also has the option to Work From The Jungles, which has become a popular concept post Covid, an option where you can spend quality time with your family and yet work with smooth wifi, midst nature and fresh air.

The Villa Has to Offer

  • Individual, Self Sufficient, warm and comfortable stay with your lawn areas.
  • All Villas come with open yet private spaces.
  • Option of barbecue, star gazing, lazing and moments of peace and love in all seasons.
  • All community activities, like cultural programmes, can also be accessed.
  • Can be a family outing or bonding place as the Villas provide personal party place too.
  • One can also choose to convert the villas into work-from-jungle “staycations”.
  • Get only pure and fresh nature, during your entire stay.
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Exclusive Villas for INR 25,000 per Night! (inaugural pricing)

Our Services & Specialities

We Indians love to eat and hence we have a variety of cuisines including continental, and fillers in between. While we would have a common dining area, we also have a great cafe with good coffee, sandwiches, pizza, local delicacies and fresh tea and also À la carte menu.

We shall, on request, arrange for local music and dance, or take you around the villages for a glimpse of their life.

Check out the section below for our holistic efforts in this region:

Cultural exposure
Eco and responsible tourism
Supporting small and local business
Awareness Center
Ambulance Facility

Tadoba DiariesRead for First Hand Jungle Safari and Tiger Safari Experience at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Sustainable Tourism Policy


98Stripes is marching towards ESG (Environment Social and Governance) certification, as we see this as a huge opportunity to aid Mother Nature and upliftment to community, we have seen some locals graduated to managerial posts.

Click here to know more on our ESG initiative!

Our Safari Infrastructure

Safari Infrastructure of 98Stripes

The safari booking is through the Govt online platform and can be accessed on This online system is well developed which also has a TATKAL service available for late comers or last-minute visitors, which opens 3 days prior to the date of the safari. A quite transparent system and a good way for all and every to plan themselves to get a glimpse of The My Lord, The Mighty Panthera Tigris.

While we have no role to play on the online booking system, but yes, we can assist wherever and in whatever way we can, do reach out to us.

We are based comparatively at the newer side of TATR, Tadoba North, while the other areas are Mohurli and Kolsa Range. This area, in-spite of being new, has gained a lot of traction in terms of visitors with a whooping 80% success rate, with at least 10 gates including the core. The gates we cater to are Two Core gates Kolara and Navegaon, and buffer (where animals and human kind of co-exist) of Sirkheda, Palasgaon (primarily night safari), Belara, Madnapur, Kolara Buffer, Alizanjha, Navegaon and some more new opening up. The good thing is 98Stripes is within the radius of 2/3 kms for most gates.

The other advantage of TATR is that it's operational 12 months, with all buffer gates in operations during the rainy season, July to Oct, while the Core gates are shut.

I must add that the flora fauna and all the animals are so different during the rainy season. Apart from the Tiger you get to see plethora of different species of Bugs. Spiders, butterflies are some rare birds and amphibians.

TATR is a huge dense forest and we have access to only 20% of the forest land. Animals are shy and avoid humans; it’s certainly a matter of luck to sight them. Our advice to guest is to enjoy the wilderness in the lush forests while the prized species conveniently camouflage, it’s a delight when they present themselves to us.

Jungle lore says they see us 100% of the time and our chances of seeing them is 10%.

Our safari infrastructure will be your friend, philosopher and guide throughout the adventure. We proudly provide the below and we try to keep raising our own Bar so as to make your experience worthwhile, and your feedback our learnings.

Our personalized services:

  • Wake up call and morning tea/ coffee
  • Provide luxurious refreshment while inside the forest, in its designated place
  • Sufficient water for hydration
  • Arrangement of rain coat during season
  • Binoculars on demand
  • Medical aid for emergencies
  • Good naturalist

We have our tuck shop which could cater to last moment needs and also momentos, like

  • Caps
  • Bandanas
  • Our Branded souvenirs
  • Arm cover
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito replant
  • Emergency SOS medicine
  • Protein bars/ drinks and a variety of food items
  • Apart from regular first aid

About TATR

Welcome to TATR, The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, home to over 115 tigers (according to census 2020, actually could be more), in its 1727 square kilometre of wilderness. The area is also home to over.

  • 150 leopards,
  • healthy population of sloth bears
  • “dhole” wild dog / foxes
  • Herbivores - like the Gaur, bison, sambar, barking deer, chital and the nilgai.
  • Primates like the Langur are also in abundance.
  • 195 varieties of birds (some migratory).
  • Undoubtedly, TATR is the most sought after wildlife sanctuary in the state of Maharashtra and India. The forest sees an annual tourist footfall of over 100,000 every year. It has one of the most diverse landscape forest, where water bodies, lakes, rivers, hillocks and the wide variety of flora can be seen. With 195 species of birds, it is a heaven for ornithologists as well, along with a very healthy population of butterflies.

About 98Stripes

Welcome to 98Stripes, the jewel in the crown of TATR. Its unique location, of being in the vicinity of multiple entry gates, and unique, luxury hospitality, lets you explore TATR like no other. With us, you can taste a different flavour of the Tadoba forest each day, by exploring different areas. You can enthral on the rich wildlife, experiencing how they live in their own habitat, soak in the wonderful, unblemished nature, get in unison with the chatter of the birds, the bark of the deer, or the occasional roar of the tiger.

Once you are back we shall take over and ensure to give you true luxury with the right amount of pampering, albeit with local flavour of culture, food, music and solitude. Scroll down below, to know more about your stay.

As mentioned because of our strategic location we are at an edge with choice of more number of gates and also number of safari rides, which is also limited at each gate.

Sunrise in Tadoba

Sunrise in Tadoba

Areas of interest around Tadoba could be

  • Buddhist temple inside forest
  • Temple’s of bygone era
  • Waterfall’s
  • 9km trek uphill
  • Boating (seasonal)

Why our Resort is Special

98Stripes boasts to be one of its kind boutique resort with fine dining and living experience in the wild. Its all about The Jungle, Nature, Wildlife and Warmth, and We have tried absorb the local flora, fauna, culture, cuisine & history to make it exciting and adventurous. Our features:

  • Sustainable & environment friendly tourism.
  • Amphitheater for events and cultural shows and evening Audio visuals, keeping the wild in view
  • Dedicated kids area.
  • Warmth comfort and the royalties of your home.
  • Spa facility.
  • All-day dining area.
  • Curated theme Menu and special on request menu too.
  • Coffee shop and Live food counter.
  • "Home away from home" feel at our villas.
  • Living areas are accompanied by a personal private lawn with gazebo.
  • Relax and read under the sky, or laze with good music for your ears.
  • Enjoy get together or an evening out with barbecue or water pool.
  • Convert your stay into a staycation, with our special facilities, and good wifi.
  • Walking Trails with areas for meditation or having Lone or Me Time.
  • Create memories under the star, assist forest folks as and when.
  • Water bodies
  • Card/ TT/ Snooker room.
  • Evening to made fun filled and interactive, if you want to
  • Guided tours to the local attraction of Tadoba Trek/ Water falls/ temples/ local culture and life style/ Buddhist Temple.
  • Workhops from time to time

About the Promoter

The Owner & Founder, Manoj N Gupta has gone through a huge transformation - after 35 years in the corporate world and with his experience in various MNC and his chequered career, he decided to hang his boots in pursuit of his inner self, happiness (passion for the wild, deeper connection of human to wild, simplicity being best). He did explore himself and then decided on to have 98Stripes, the approx number of black stripes a tiger has.

He believes in connecting humans with nature, sustainability, respecting the wild, co habitation & is absolutely stunned by the beauty, resilience & power of Nature.

He is an avid farmer, budding ornithologist and an amateur photographer and some of them can be seen on his insta page. He also intends to write a book of facts and fictions of Tigers.

To know more, Visit his Instagram at:

What Sets Us Apart
  • We believe that the Jungle is the key to our survival and hence for us, this is the most intricate and important thing that we need for us and our generation next to survive. It’s not about a vacation, it's not about a weekend, but it's about the experience the beauty the respect for the Creator and the fine but fragile ecological balance He has created. The strategic placement of each and everything, starting from the minuscule ant to the apex tiger, from a jungle weed to the huge banyan tree, all has its purpose, and is an integral part of the complete ecosystem. Anything missing would have an impact, which we might not see on a day-to-day basis, but would, when the impact happens in a substantial manner. The element of coexistence and respect for each other can be seen and felt in these areas without any special learning or knowledge.
How you would impact us reach the objective:
  • We want to see things from your eyes as well, and try to be an extended part of the forest department.
  • We want to build and provide the exposure of the locals and make them self-dependent and responsible.
  • We want to ensure Nature is preserved and we have these beauties to be shared and experienced by our generation next to come.

About Tadoba

Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve

Tadoba is in Maharashtra, India, and it’s here that we have the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), which is one of the 47 tiger reserves in India, spread over 1727 Sq Km area. The Dist is Chandrapur and the closest air connectivity is Nagpur, 102 kms away. Tadoba National Park was created in 1955 post which Andhari Wildlife was created in 1986 and then the two were amalgamated into one in 1995, which birth to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

It is interesting to know as to how the name came into being and one is always intrigued about it. The word Tadoba Andhari comes from the name of a God “Taru” or “Tadoba” and the word Andhari comes from the river which flows in the region.

Taru was a village chief who succumbed to death in a mythological encounter with a tiger, and he has his temple on the banks of the Tadoba Lake, which is visited by Adivasis between Dec-January.

The Tadoba National Park is divided into three separate forest ranges, Tadoba North, Kolsa South and Mohurli Range, the latter sandwiched between the first two. There are two lakes and one river in the park, which gets filled every year in monsoon, Tadoba Lake, Kolsa Lake and Tadoba River.

Guide to Tadoba Tiger Safaris

Tadoba Map

Hidden areas of TADOBA and many more:

  • Buddhist temple inside forest
  • Temple of bygone era


  • Nearby waterfall
  • 9km uphill trek
  • Seasonal boating
Access Information
Nearest Airport -Nagpur (120 kms), Raipur (375 kms), Jabalpur (425 kms)
Nearest Railway Station - Chandrapur (50 kms), Nagpur (120 kms), Badnera (237 kms)
Tadoba is an Ex-Nagpur / Ex-Raipur / Ex-Jabalpur / Ex-Hyderabad / Ex-Bhopal Getaway
Average Day / Night Temperature of Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India
31°C / 18°C33°C / 21°C38°C / 25°C41°C / 29°C45°C / 33°C35°C / 28°C
30°C / 25°C30°C / 24°C33°C / 24°C33°C / 20°C31°C / 18°C31°C / 17°C

Some Key Information for the Reserve:

  • The park is open from 15th Oct to 30th June, every season, but the HAPPY thing is that TATR is divided into Core and Buffer area, and ONLY core is closed from 1st July to 14th Oct, while the buffer area is open all throughout the year. The forest has a weekly off, which is Tuesday for Core and Wednesday for Buffer.
  • Vegetation is Southern Dry deciduous, with dense woodland covering about 80% of the protected area.
  • Teak is the prominent tree and there are few lakes, which makes the park rich in water reserves.
  • Major forest lies in the hilly area, thus a good habitat for wild animals.
  • It has dense forest, smooth meadows, deep valleys and a great atmosphere to stabilise more number of tigers and provide different landscapes in which the others survive.
  • The jungle safari is the main attraction, and is well managed by the GOI, with online facilities, in an open top gypsy (taking 6 people) which aids easy sightings or also has canters (taking 20 people).
  • Mobile phones are not allowed inside the Tadoba Forest.
  • Plastic water bottles are not allowed, and if you need once can get steel bottles (returnable) at the gate, for a minimal charge.
  • One can find some of Central India's best Native woodland bird species in this forest.
Tadoba - the gateway to the wildlife heaven

The forests hosts:

Teak is predominant tree along with Bamboo and the other deciduous trees like Ain (crocodile bark), Bija, Hald, Tendu etc. most have them having high medicinal value, ayurvedic or allopathy, like KachKujali (used to treat Parkinson), Neem, Bheria, Bija and Beheda, makes the area so rich. TATR has 141 species of trees and plants belonging to 58 botanical families.

Royal Bengal Tigers/ Leopards/ Gaurs/Sloth Bears/Striped Hyenas (though not much now)/Nilgai/Small Indian Civet/Sambar/Barking Deer/Vhital/Jungle cats/Honey badger and chausingha, are the key wildlife found here.

It has marsh crocodiles too, with reptiles like Indian Python/Indian monitor lizard/Russell Viper/Cobra and many others. While the population of crocodiles has deleted drastically, but at one point in time it have a crocodile fertilisation centre.

There are 95 varieties of birds and raptors, and if you are an Ornithologists or even if you like them, you must take the walking trails with the forest lady guides (another feather in the cap for TATR), and you would certainly see Crested serpent eagles/Grey Headed Fish Eagle/Changeable hawk eagle, with the smaller species of India Pitta/Stone curlew/Paradise flycatcher/Orange headed Thrush/Black Drongo/Hoopoe/Woodpecker/Crested Honey Buzzard/India Roller and many many more.

The other excitement are the butterflies, there are at least 74 species and you can spot Monarch/Swordtails/Mormons and Pansies.

If Insects excite you there are a whole lot of them and the rare ones are Danaid Eggfly/Great Eggfly/Praying Mantis/Jewel Beetles/Dragonflies and in monsoon you can sight three spiders - Giant wood spiders/Signature Spiders and Red Wood Spiders. Apart from them hunting spiders are Crab Spider/Lynx Spider and Wolf Spider.

The forest folks and avid photographers keep bumping into one or the other new species which pop up, like the recent “thick knee” or “stone curlew” or “dikkop” genus name “Burhinus” which has been recently found. Who knows with your eyes wide opened you might help TATR find another jewel.


Click here for Tadoba Diaries

Do's and Dont's when you visit a jungle


  • Dress according to the weather (winter- have layers, Summers-wear light, but it could have harsh sun during winters/summers so please cover your hands to prevent sun burns 😄.
  • Do carry food which the hotels provide and water in steel bottles (no plastic please), as you would be in for 4 hrs and Obviously there is no cafeteria inside
  • Carry caps (tight so that it does not fly away), shades and sufficient water, NO plastic, in any form, please.
  • Please respect the silence of the forest and do not make noise - animals and birds are highly disturbed with human noise. Communicating by whispering is the norm.
  • Remember you are in their area, and you have spent money, time and energy to see and experience the MIGHTY, please respect them as you would like to be respected at your home.
  • Do respect the wild animals and maintain a safe distance from them.
  • Do maintain silence.
  • Do be the eyes and ears to the Forest Guardians and intimate of any wrongdoing by others, this way you would be participating in maintaining discipline
  • Be alert of trees and branches hanging while going in the Jeep so that u do not get hurt.
  • Keep your eyes covered, there could be small flies or insects and even the hanging branches could hurt.


  • No bright coloured clothes please, blend in to camouflage and the wild would not be disturbed. Go with earth collars like green, beige and brown.
  • NO SMOKING or vaping please- it’s highly dangerous for forests and there is a severe punishment as well, with steep fines.
  • Never use flash while photographing, try and minimize or shut the clicking sound of the camera (shutter noise).
  • Do not carry Mobile phones as most of Tadoba has a ban on the same, the Guide has a box where you can deposit it and it would be safe.
  • Do not secretly take the mobile and take photos, as this would certainly ban the Drivers and Guides, and you would be responsible for, and you could be penalised too.
  • Do not use perfumes; you distract animals, which live in a sense of smell mostly.
  • Any litter would be hazardous to the ecosystem and animals could die because of the same. So, DO NOT LITTER.
  • Do not irritate animals or birds, you could land in trouble either way, either by crossing its path or they are shying away from the group.
  • Do not irritate animals or birds, RESPECT THEM - you have intruded into their territory and you must respect their space.
  • Do not feed any animal or leave anything around- their feed habits are absolutely different to ours and you could end choking/ killing them.
  • NEVER ever step down from the vehicle even for bio breaks, ask the driver and he would take you to the designated spot- THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.
  • No physical or loud actions.
  • Do NOT force or bribe or request drivers to go off track, as they have a set of rules to follow, else they would lose their livelihood and the family would suffer. You could be penalised and banned entry to any forest reserve in India


  • Packing light would be key - only take what you would need in the jungle. Remember you would be carrying them and walking balancing etc.
  • Carry bag packs
  • Carry your sunglasses/hats and sunscreen.
  • Wearing strong jungle shoes, sleepers, sandals etc does not work.
  • If you are allergic to dust or animal fur carry our medication.
  • Carry walking sticks.
  • Stay in groups and do not wander away.
  • No tricks please, even if you are the fittest, as animals do know muscle power.
  • Beware of leeches, preferably do not wear shorts. (the forest lore believes the tobacco smell keeps the leeches away - so there could be one reason you carry some but with the match box or lighter.)

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