Your Ultimate Guide to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Safaris: Tips from a Local Expert

Guide to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Safaris


I have been living in the fringes of Tadoba andhari tiger reserve for about a decade now, and have taken numerous safari trips inside the reserve forests, from all the gates, and in different seasons. The beauty of the flora and fauna of Tadoba is fascinating and each season will have something special to you. It has a diverse wildlife, but the prima attraction is always tiger sightings, and here, I am going to share my knowledge of tiger sightings from different gates of Tadoba, and the process of booking Tadoba tiger safaris, in crisp detail.

Tadoba has numerous gates and more and more are opening up, mainly due to the potential of the place and also the increase in tigers count, and of course to allow more and more people to have a glimpse of the Mighty Apex. In this world of digitisation, TATR, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve authorities, I must say, are not far behind.

TATR, has a dedicated site of its own and is pretty comprehensive and complete, at

Tiger with cub at Tadoba National Park

This site would take you through all the activities that TATR has to offer and also give a brief description of the place, flora fauna and also plethora of activities that happens there, like morning or evening safari, night stay in a machan/ log hut, full day safari, choice of a EV, birding machans, adventure park, boating, butterfly world, cycling trail, kayaking, nature camping or trail etc etc. The site should certainly excite you and would ensure that you and your family would plan to visit TATR soon.

So once you have decided on your visit, plan what you would like to do when here, you will need to book your safari rides, by the online booking service offered at the website as well.

Log into the website, by registering and putting your Username and Password, use the drop down and to book your ride or activities. Please keep ID proof for all riders with you as you would have to feed them in while filling the form for booking, and that's mandatory and needs to be correct, to avoid unpleasant consequences. Make sure you check the timings on the site and ask us so that we can drop you to the gate on time. Do reach out to us if you need assistance and we shall be happy to guide. Carry the Ids in person, when you travel to Tadoba.

The safari rides can be booked as early as 120 days in advance while there is an option of “tatkal”, which is 3 days in advance, which is understandably, a bit dearer.

Important thing to note, while the website would also tell you, is that the core area of the national park is closed to visitors every Tuesday. The buffer area is also closed, but on Wednesdays, to provide a designated day for rest and rejuvenation in that section of the park and to allow for park maintenance and undisturbed wildlife movement.

The tiger and its prey, the buffalo in the Tadoba forest

While most of the gates are fertile, I can say for sure for Tadoba that Core is not "The Best".

Here I have found the Buffer gates doing very very well. All the gates have been having 90+ strike rate, but at times it could be a Dry day, as the wild can't be predicted. But looking at the beauty of the place's topography, flora & fauna I suggest the gates of Alijanza gate, Sirkheda gate, Kolara Core gate and Belara gate, which are nearby, amongst many.

While scouting do look at information of which gate is expecting a mother to deliver or has delivered - they are the cutest sighting if you are lucky. The best season, while opinions differ, I think it's all around the year, as we have the buffer area open round the year. But yes the probability of sightings increases during peak summer, May June July as they are near water holes due to hot weather. The best ride is also debatable, but I prefer noon as the rest time is over by 4/430 pm and They start their evening walks by then post their afternoon siesta.

A word of advice:

While we would all be glued on to sight the Apex, but please do not miss out on the Jungle itself, its beautiful pristine and pure, the silence is mesmerising, unless you have a noisy colleague in the next jeep ☹. Do be on the lookout for lively colourful birds, reptiles, herbivores and other carnivores too, am sure you would have googled what are the species that one gets here. By the way, if you love trees engage with the guide, there are so many trees and they are of immense traditional value, medicinal or otherwise. You will get a fair idea of the flora and fauna t our website, at

Suggested Tadoba Itinerary:

Day 1: Check in post noon and take it easy for the day.

Day 2: Do a morning ride, and if a big enthusiast plans a night stay in one of the Machan or do another ride in the evening. Once back from evening safari enjoy local folklore and experience the fine dining services in the Wilderness.

Day 3: Laze in at 98 Stripes and enjoy the ambience or If an explorer can do a local trail or visit a nearby place, or do another ride at another gate. Evening can be a safari ride too or just a relaxing detoxification day at 98S followed by some sumptuous gastronomical experience with us.

Day 4: Morning can be another safari post which can have lunch and leave or we can curate the next forest nearby like Tipeshwar, Kanha or Pench.

Article Written By Mr. Manoj N Gupta, NaturalistArticle Written By Mr. Manoj N Gupta, Naturalist

When you would choose 98Stripes for your stay:

  • If you want to spend your time in a more relaxed and planned way, enjoying the flavours of the forests.
  • If you would like to participate in our nature walks at the jungle fringes and local villages.
  • If you are looking for a luxury staycation, in the lap of the nature.
  • If you you want to listen to the forests, and be in tune with it, detoxifying yourself with nature chirps and no pollution.

There are more reasons as well, but all will be in the line of responsible and sustainable jungle tourism, like giving due respect to the ecosystem, no loud music or late nights, respect to the wild even if it is a minuscule being (do let us know and we would promptly address your issue and safely respectfully remove any wild being) – we are in their land and we at 98Stripes owe them this free access. Please cooperate and let's ensure we leave things for our next generation to enjoy and respect.

Let's discuss these once you are back at 98Stripes, and am sure our Naturalist would be able to throw some more light and information, plus we can share with others experience too to widen our horizon.

Just talk to us: