Sustainable Wildlife Safari and Tourism India

Sustainable Tourism Policy

Sustainable wildfile safari and tourism India

98Stripes is marching towards ESG (Environment Social and Governance) certification, as we see this as a huge opportunity to aid Mother Nature and upliftment to community, we have seen some locals graduated to managerial posts.

How we are fully ESG compliant:


Environment factors:

Complete ban on use of plastic, when you visit our facility, in whatever form.

Maximum usage of local, biodegradable material for building of furniture and room interiors, thereby reducing carbon footprint, and enriching local craftsman and Gond Paintings.

We try to have our food either organically grown at our resort gardens, or organically grown by local farmers at their farmlands, under our supervision. Result: You get healthy, great tasting, non gmo food, with zero carbon footprints, and maximum support to local farmers.

Re-Wilding efforts: We have taken major re-wilding initiatives, in consultation with Government Forest departments, so that our resort is at a smooth transition into the forest. We are in talks with the forest department of plant more local tress to areas connecting the forest, which directly indirectly increases the boundary of the forest. Net in some way our intent is to see if we can rebuild what has been depleted by us.

Social Factors:

About 80% of our workforce is composed of local people, which can be good boost for the employment of the local people and also provide them exposure to different avenues of livelihood, as at some places they have graduated to managerial positions. It also gives them an opportunity to become small entrepreneurs doing ancillary works.

We plan to introduce professional training centers as well, in the next couple of years, which could impart certified training for Environmentalists or guides or could pursue hospitality in some way or the other.

Cultural entertainment programmes would be done which would one give you the flavour of the Adivasi’s social life and two would create a platform for local artists giving them exposure and confidence.

Medical camps to be organized on a periodic basis, so as to extend basic hygiene and health benefits.

We shall have 24x7 ambulance primarily for the injured wild beings so that they could be provided first aid and or rushed to the closest rescue station. This in turn would also open another avenue for the localities I guess and they could benefit in large numbers.


We shall be getting our facility audited by TOFT, using global sustainable tourism criteria, so as to achieve the ESG certification which would be a continuous. This will be a continual process.

The primary responsibility of senior management is maintaining the stringent standards to keep ourselves in the carbon neutral zone, and give them accountability so as to be masters.

The managers are also imparted periodical training on process improvement on sustainability. New, industrious junior managers are also frequently inducted into the sustainability team.

Suggestions are welcomed, at our contact us page.