Tadoba's Landscape Through the Lens: A Photographic Story

The Majestic Landscape of Tadoba

Welcome to Tadoba's Landscape Through the Lens: A Photographic Story. Join 98 Stripes on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Tadoba, captured through our lens. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this region and experience the wilderness like never before. From the majestic forests to the serene water bodies, Tadoba's landscape is a treat to the eyes. Our team of skilled photographers has captured the essence of Tadoba's wilderness through their lenses, bringing you a visual treat that will leave you in awe. In this article, we will showcase the stunning landscapes of Tadoba through our photography and take you on a journey through the natural beauty of this region. Get ready to immerse yourself in the wilderness of Tadoba with 98 Stripes' photography!

One of these days which was a comparative low day and was feeling down and sad, like one of those days which am sure happens in every ones life, was sitting in my container home. Trying to divert my attention to the chirping birds and seeing the sky hue change from early morning to day break, gave me an idea that I should go inside the jungle just for decluttering at times.

And I was there that evening in one of the forest gates called Alizanjha, and believe me I had a revelation that the forest could also me a shoulder for you at times and would certainly lift your mood with sounds hues whip of air and the smell.

As I had gone in the afternoon in winters, the sun sets comparatively early and the change in the forest was immense to uplift your mood. The colour changed from sharp to different shades of yellow and orange as the huge ball continued to go down. The clouds also showed its form as it changed its pattern its shapes and with the shine of the setting sun tired to woo us to get attracted to them.

The nature is so rhythmic so melodious and ophthalmic pleasure, and they also seem to do acts and play tricks which am sure would not get unnoticed by any. Specially inside the jungle with the trees shades and different flora they kind of tease you in an out.

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