Tadoba Tiger Safari - A Thrilling Adventure with 98 Stripes

Tadoba Tiger Safari: Our Experiences


Welcome to the Tadoba Tiger Safari, an adventure with 98 Stripes! Tadoba National Park is home to one of the largest populations of tigers in India, and is a premier destination for tiger safaris. With our team of wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, we have had the privilege to witness the majesty of the tigers in their natural habitat. Our Tadoba Tiger Safari takes you on a journey through the wilderness of Tadoba, where you will witness the beauty of the tigers in their natural habitat. Our team has captured the essence of Tadoba's wildlife through their lenses, bringing you a visual treat that will leave you in awe. In this article, we share our experiences and tales from the wild, as we explore the diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes of Tadoba. Get ready to witness the majesty of the tigers in their natural habitat, and explore the wilderness of Tadoba with 98 Stripes!

Night jungle safari in Tadoba can be an exciting and unique experience, as it allows you to witness the nocturnal animals and their activities in their natural habitat. During the night safari, you can see animals like the Indian Gaur, Sambar Deer, Wild Boar, Porcupine, Leopard, and other nocturnal creatures that are not commonly seen during the daytime.

Night safaris in Tadoba are conducted in the buffer zones of the reserve, which are open for visitors throughout the year. The night safari is usually conducted in an open jeep, accompanied by an experienced forest guide who is well-versed with the jungle terrain and the behavior of animals.

It's important to note that the night safari can be slightly more challenging than the daytime safari, as the visibility can be limited, and the jungle terrain can be tricky to navigate. Additionally, the chances of spotting tigers during the night safari are relatively lower, as they are elusive and prefer to remain hidden during the night.

The night jungle safari in Tadoba can be a thrilling experience for wildlife enthusiasts who are looking to explore the nocturnal side of the jungle and witness the wildlife that is not commonly seen during the daytime.

TATR as a Tiger reserve stands out from the others, as the terrain is pretty different at different gates and the way the tigers adapt to each terrain is a treat to watch. While the forest is one, but the tigers have their own territory, and they generally are seen in that area, which could be anything between 20-60 Sq km. The females are generally focussed and more protective of their areas, while the males are in a constant state of aggression, whether it is food, area or mates (the last one being highly brutal and insensitive)

A note on the tigers of the Tadoba Tiger reserve:

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is known to have a healthy population of tigers, with an estimated 88 tigers as per the 2018 tiger census. The reserve has several measures in place to protect and conserve tigers and their habitat, including anti-poaching patrols, habitat management, and community involvement.

The reserve authorities and safari guides work hard to ensure that visitors have the best chance of spotting tigers and other wildlife during safaris, but the sighting of tigers cannot be guaranteed. Nonetheless, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is an excellent destination for tiger safari and wildlife enthusiasts, offering a chance to witness the beauty and biodiversity of the jungle.

The best times to visit Tadoba for tiger safari are from April to June and from October to February, with the summer season offering the highest chances of spotting tigers and other wildlife, and winters falling not much far behind. Also, winters offer a non dusty, pleasant environment, with different flora, making the experience unique.

The guides here are all kind of masters to the gates they belong too and the names tart they keep are pretty funny, and at times also queer. The logic of their names are basically the area they stay in, or a particular mark that can be seen on their face or ears and these folks are so experienced that they go a couple of generations down for them, like Maya being the child of Hill Top (male) and Leela her mother, and the birth was is an area called Pandharpaoni in Tadoba Core, and that’s her territory which she has acquired from her mother Leela. Now isn’t that a family tree of sorts, and yes there are many to it. She had given litters 4 or 5 times till now totalling about 14 but there is only one confirmed case of survival in Surya which is in Umred, and she has struggled as the males have devoured most of her children, for the lust of her. Maya is one of its kind of a tigress who has her own handle in twitter by @MayaTadoba.

Some moments of the majestic cats caught on my camera at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve:

It is important that you choose your stay wisely, while you stay at Tadoba Tiger Reserve. You should stay at a resort that is close to many of the gates, and which is ewuipped with the best of the local guides, so that you have the best of tiger sfari experience.

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